The Simon Li Culture

A Culture of Quality

Style. Comfort. Quality. - These are first and last thoughts we have each day. Our lives revolve around our dedication to these key principles that drive our business...
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Our Background

Simon Lichtenberg was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1967 and was brought up in an academic home, surrounded by the Danish classics of modern furniture from the 1950s and 1960s... Read more

Our Philosophy

You can’t fake quality. Simon Li is all about style and comfort, which is a philosophy built around high quality. We bring new and better value to the way people live and to the products surrounding them... Read more

About the Process

  • Design
  • Workmanship
  • Management
  • Quality
Many considerations go into developing a Simon Li product: User Appeal, Comfort, Value and Innovation. At Simon Li we strive to achieve all we can in these 4 categories and maintain a distinct ‘look’ tha is unique and recognizable in the marketplace.
The Quality and Workmanship of our products is what sets us apart...and Quality is in the details. This workmanship begins with the product development team whose challenge is not only to develop aesthetically pleasing products, but to also produce a product that is production friendly.
To secure the best value for money for the end consumer, a very well managed production process is of course essential. Lean Manufacturing is all about eliminating waste throughout production and the entire supply chain. Reduce the waste of materials, of transportation, of movement, of stocks, of defects is what it is all about. Lean Manufacturing is used by Simon Li as our fundamental method to secure the best economic performance and highest quality outcome. Lean Manufacturing is also becoming our philosophy for high quality and respect for people.
Everyone has a choice in his or her daily work. Our employees have a choice to care and ensure the quality of Simon Li products to the best of their ability and knowledge. This goes for every single employee of the company, from CEO to worker, from Human Resources to Sales. It is our job to ensure that everyone knows what to do and how to do it - and to make sure that everyone is encouraged to care about the quality of the final product - the product that will be used in someone’s home yielding value and comfort for many, many years.
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